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 [Guide] Downgrade to

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[Guide] Downgrade to  Empty
PostSubject: [Guide] Downgrade to    [Guide] Downgrade to  Empty31st January 2014, 02:29

Here it is the latest downgrade, you are going to need to apply it only if you have recently updated your client. Check the "What does this do to my client?" section!

How do I know what version is my client?
Check the Version.ini file that is inside the main Aion folder.

How can I extract that compressed file?
You must download Winrar, link here:

How to downgrade:
You will need to download this compressed .rar file, paste it in your Main Aion folder, right click on it and select "Extract here", keep in mind that you must NOT delete anything, just replace all the files with the ones in this guide

Main downgrade: - 4 -

Main Aion folder? These are the most common:
C:\Program Files\NCSoft\Aion
C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSoft\Aion

If it's not there, and you are sure you've installed it but you don't know where, you can try searching for it using the Windows Search function, you can use as keyword the following files "sc_renew.dat", "Aion.bin", "Version.ini", "system.cfg"

What does this do to my client?

   Sauro Supply Base and Steel Rose gates will be at the right location while checking them through the map (Map > Instance tab > Click on the instance name)
   Skill icons will no longer be like level 1 skills
   Skills window is back to Name and Type
   UI icons and emotes will be fixed
   Elevated and removed safe zones are back to normal
   Item comparison is possible again
   Tempering Solution effect will show up again

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[Guide] Downgrade to  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Downgrade to    [Guide] Downgrade to  Empty17th August 2014, 09:08

I followed your instructions and it worked!!! Thank you so much (^-^) I love this server.
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[Guide] Downgrade to
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