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 Account membership update & rates

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Account membership update & rates Empty
PostSubject: Account membership update & rates   Account membership update & rates Empty24th April 2014, 04:19

Account memberhip updated!

New changes by membership info:

NORMAL Accounts

EXP : x150

Group EXP: x300

Quest EXP: x30

Gathering EXP: x150

Gathering Count: x5

Crafting EXP: x150

Pet Feeding: x5

Quest Kinah: x25

Quest AP: x5

DROP: x50

PVP EXP: x150

PVP AP: x5

PVE AP: x5

PVE DP: x100

PVP DP: x10

PVP Arena's: x10

Sell Limit: x10

Premium Accounts

EXP : x300

Group EXP: x600

Quest EXP: x60

Gathering EXP: x300

Gathering Count: x10

Crafting EXP: x300

Pet Feeding: x10

Quest Kinah: x50

Quest AP: x10

DROP: x100

PVP EXP: x300

PVP AP: x10

PVE AP: x10

PVE DP: x200

PVP DP: x20

PVP Arena's: x20

Sell Limit: x20

V.I.P Accounts

EXP : x600

Group EXP: x900

Quest EXP: x90

Gathering EXP: x600

Gathering Count: x20

Crafting EXP: x600

Pet Feeding: x20

Quest Kinah: x100

Quest AP: x15

DROP: x200

PVP EXP: x600

PVP AP: x20

PVE AP: x5

PVE DP: x300

PVP DP: x40

PVP Arena's: x30

Sell Limit: x40

Items & Unlock's

All below can be available after the New Itemspak 4.5 is installed.

Normal & Premium Accounts

All items can be tradeable
All items can be storable in warehouse
Soulbound items can be tradeable

V.I.P accounts

All items can be tradeable
All items can be storable in warehouse
Soulbound items can be tradeable
Disabled instances group requirement
Decreased instances cooldowns
All items can be storable in account warehouse
All items can be storable in legion warehouse
All items can be remodelable
All emotions available
10 additional titles
Advanced friendlist size Max 90

To make your account premium or v.i.p you can donate for us here:
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Account membership update & rates
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