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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules Empty26th January 2014, 16:07


Some information viewed on this website may contain vulgar material that you may not be familiar with or which you do not want to be seen. You also agree that you are above the age of sixteen.


By accepting this agreement you become a guest to this private web domain so long as you do not violate any terms and agreements as listed. And you agree to respect all staff members of said web domain. Failure to do so will result in a loss of service.


By donating to the server you agree to the rules, conditions and terms of service stated below We do not give refunds unless there is a technical difficulty with a purchase. We reserve the right to ban delete or perform any actions necessary if one of your characters breaks rules explicitly or implicitly listed on the rules page, or in any special case that is deemed worthy of these actions. If you wish to donate but don't want anything in return just mention that in the email. Please do not pay anywhere else but here, even to GMs, this is the only place that you can pay where your money will benefit the server.


Please note that any account made for the use of Aion Tricell for any of it's services, including but not limited to forum accounts, and game accounts, are property of Aion AbyssWars and thus may be terminated and any time with or without reason. By using an account, you are borrowing the service from us and we hold the right to reclaim it at any time we wish. Please also note that by donating you are NOT buying your account from us, merely showing your appreciation for our service, and as such you are still subject to rules and regulations set forth by the staff of Aion Tricell.


When borrowing an account from Aion Tricell; you hereby agree that it's security and safety are YOUR responsibility, and that you will be held responsible for any actions which are done to or from your account. You also agree that you are aware that giving out your password may compromise the security of your account, and that upon telling another person your password, you fully accept any consequences which may come of such.

You agree to acknowledge that if you receive a file from anywhere except an official Aion AbyssWars distributor, it may contain a malicious software known as a "Key logger" & "Viruses", and that Aion AbyssWars will not be held responsible for the consequences which may come from downloading these programs from outside sources.

You agree to acknowledge that Aion Tricell has taken the utmost measures to protect your account on our end, and that being hacked by definition is nearly impossible and extremely unlikely, you therefore agree to take full fault unless we can confirm that it was an issue on our end.


As the account is not your property, you may NOT sell a Aion Tricell account under any circumstances. "Scams" which take place in the event of a trade or sale will not be reimbursed, and any account which is found to have been sold or traded will be suspended indefinitely; anyone found to be profiting from sales of accounts will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
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Server Rules
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